Tin Coordinator - Malvern

We are lookinfg for Tin Coordinators in Malvern 

Tin Coordinators are responsible for placing, collecting and replacing collection tins in their local area. This involves going into local businesses (e.g. shops, restaurants, bars) that already have our collection tins approximately every six months to check if the tin is full and replacing it with a new one. Additionally, we would like you to continually be on the look out for new venues who may be willing to have a tin. You know your local area best so are perfectly placed to find new venues! 

How much time will it take?

Being a Collection Tin Coordinator is a flexible role and requires relatively low commitment. You can place tins whilst out and about walking, socialising, and running your regular errands. Each tin can stay at a location for at least six months before it will need replacing, and you will only be asked to work with tins in your local area so there is no travelling time. 

Am I right for the job? 

Responsible? There are forms to be filled in and procedures to be followed when handling money 

Trustworthy? The money collected needs to be safely brought back to Acorns 

Confident? You must be prepared to go into all sorts of establishments to request tin placements 

Friendly? You will be representing Acorns in the local community 

 Why volunteer at Acorns?

 To help a local charity 

To make a difference in your local community 

To connect with likeminded people and make new friends 

Boost your CV

 Opportunities to progress to other roles 

All training will be provided

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