Evesham FC Matchday Takeover`

Volunteer at Eversham FC Matchday Takeover

 Why not volunteer at Acorns Match Day Takeover and support us by being a collection volunteer.

We are delighted that all Acorns volunteers have a chance to watch the match.  

on: - Saturday 1st April 2024

Volunteer from 1 -5pm 

Apply now if you want to be part of this great volunteering opportunity.

Am I right for the role?

We’re looking for volunteers who are

  • Approachable and happy to raise awareness about Acorns
  • Confident and happy to be a collection volunteer outside

Why volunteer at Acorns?

  • To help a local charity and make a different in your community
  • Connect with like minded people and make new friends
  • Learn new skills to boost your CV
  • Opportunities to progress to other roles

Email volunteer@acorns.org.uk to find out more or apply now!

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